Become A Better Leader In 7 Seconds!!!

  • What if I told you it takes only 7 seconds to become a better leader? I have worked with hundreds of leaders helping them expand their influence and get noticed in any room.

  • Today’s business climate is one of constant change and complexity. Your daily schedule is filled with back to back meetings and there seems to be space for nothing else. The only constant is stress. Does that sound familiar?

  • Successful leaders however project a different presence in the midst of this hectic pace. They are able to connect, engage and influence the outcome of any situation. They know when they have been emotionally triggered and instead of reacting, they have control over how they respond.

  • The secret to achieving this is building into your daily routine a pause button. An ability to quickly assess what is happening within you and choose how you will respond. Now I know you don’t have time…but…what if it only took 7 seconds. What if you could do it in the middle of a meeting without anyone else realizing that you could press the reset button and show up differently.

  • 7 Second Reset is a FREE daily reminder for 90 days to integrate this powerful technique into your daily routine. Why 90 days? We know from research the brain needs 90 days to develop new neural pathways to take any behavior and turn it into a new habit.

  • Each day you will receive a reminder to practice the 7 Second Reset sometime during the day. I will also come with an uplifting quotation and powerful reflection question to deepen your executive presence. Once a week you will receive an educational video on emotional intelligence.

  • Simply enter your name and email and reap the benefits. What have you got to lose? Only 7 seconds!


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